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⁣Toontrack Vintage Rock (EZX)Download
Timeless Sound of Vintage Rock Drumming

Explore the heart of rock history with the Toontrack Vintage Rock EZX. This exceptional sound library is built around the legendary Ludwig Keystone drum kit, a staple in the music of iconic bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Recorded at the prestigious 2 Khz Studio in London by Grammy-winning engineer Peter Henderson and acclaimed drummer Chris Whitten, this EZX brings the classic rock sound to your EZDrummer 3 setup.

Key Features:
- **Legendary Drum Kit:** Features the iconic Ludwig Keystone kit, complemented by a Ludwig Black Beauty and Slingerland Radio King snare.
- **Expert Recording:** Captured by industry veterans Peter Henderson and Chris Whitten for unmatched audio quality.
- **Versatile Sound Options:** Includes samples recorded with both sticks and brushes, offering a wide range of tones.
- **MIDI Library:** Comes with a comprehensive MIDI library performed by drummer Morgan Ågren.

**Important Note:** This pack is compatible exclusively with EZDrummer 3. Make sure to purchase from our website to ensure compatibility and support.

Download Now: [Vintage Rock EZX](

Embrace the vintage sound that defined rock music. Experience the timeless quality of the Toontrack Vintage Rock EZX today!


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